About Simone

Simone MelderHi! I’m Simone and I am very excited to be teaching Kindermusik! I have been singing and enjoying music all my life, starting as a child being taught to sing and play the piano by my mum, who is a musician. I have always been passionate about nurturing and cherishing children. (I have three sons and six grandchildren!) I have also written poetry in my spare time. Singing, in particular, has been my true love. In my teenage years I belonged to an operatic company, taking part in many Gilbert and Sullivan operas and having the time of my life! I did a course in Musical Theatre when I turned 60, culminating in a performance at a Theatre Restaurant - and was the only “Grandma” in a classroom of teenagers. I believe that God led me to the Kindermusik at the “right” time for me – when I reached the age of 60!

For 40 odd years I had been doing administrative work, rather like a robot, no heart or soul in it. I was yearning to let the little flicker of light inside myself shine through to give expression to all the music and love I have inside me. I am so happy I found Kindermusik and am enjoying every minute of my teaching experience. At last, my heart and soul are at peace, I cherish the families in my care, and I thank God I am healthy enough to be able to follow my dreams. 

"In this life we cannot do great things - We can only do small things with great love"
... Mother Theresa

Have a look at my singing dog (who sadly passed away Feb. 2012, at the age of 18) - just click here!